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Support - How to FTP

How to FTP

  1. You must have a FTP Program.

  2. Load your FTP Program. You'll need to configure it. The information you'll need is as follows:

    • Profile Name: Whatever you want. Choose a name that represents your account.
    • Host Name: Enter your IP address. If you don't know it, your domain name will work
    • User ID: This is your account user name
    • Password: This is your account password
    • The Rest: These are unnecessary
    Once you have this setup, press "SAVE" and then "OK"
  3. You should automatically connect. If not, choose connect (bottom of screen.) This is a good time to get familiar with whatyour screen means.

    First, you'll notice that two main screens exist. The left side (Local System) is your HardDrive - which is most likely C:\ This iswhere the files you are uploading exist. On the right side (Host System) is your virtual server. This is where you will beuploading. This is where all your web files will be placed.

  4. Find the files you want to upload. You'll notice on the top it says C:\something\here This is your local drive. You need tofind your files from this location. By way of the double click, the green up arrow under this command box will allow you tomove up one directory. When you want to go into a directory - double click on it. If you are using Frontpage, most likely yourfiles will be located at c:\webshare\webroot\somewhereinhere

    Choose your files. You should have an index.htm or Index.html file. This is your main http file. We'll start with this one. Highlight it by choosing it with your mouse. Next, you'll want to choose ASCII mode. You'll notice that ASCII, BINARY, andAUTO DETECT choices are available. ASCII is for all text files. Binary is for graphic files. So for Index.html, you'll wantASCII.

    Now make sure your remote system (Right side) is in the correct directory. You can tell where you are much like you do onthe local system. By default, our systems will put you in the /users/yourusername directory. You want to go up two directoriesto put yourself at the root or / This is where you want to upload your files.

    Now, it's time to upload. Make sure the file you want to upload is highlighted. We are doing Index.html right now. Now,press the right arrow button which is located between the two windows. It will upload and that's it. Test it out - check out yoursite!

  5. ou can choose multiple files. But remember, graphic files = BINARY while text files = ASCII. This is VERY Important.
  6. For more help, choose the help button within the program. It will explain everything in much more detail.